When Love Takes Over

June 7, 2009

Smells like a summer hit. I’m already hearing it about 3, 4 times a day on the radio and still, I’m not bored of it.

Kelly Rowland’s voice is so beautiful in David Guetta’s When Love Takes Over. It’s just a joy to listen to.

Those Radio 1 presenters have been going on and on about the music video, saying you have to see it all the time. Kelly Rowland is absolutely beautiful. They probably got paid to do it because it’s not really that special.

Even the video smells like a summer hit. A sunny day that progresses to a beach party at night. To see the video click here.

One Response to “When Love Takes Over”

  1. […] ok. Very euro-pop, euro-trash even, maybe. But David Guetta is French so maybe that’s why. When Love Takes Over was […]

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