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Public Enemies

July 22, 2009

I don’t know what happened to my summer of cinema. It hasn’t gone as I hoped.

So far I’ve only been twice but summer isn’t over yet so I’m not giving up. A month or so ago I saw Terminator and on Sunday I saw Public Enemies. If Johnny Depp is in it, I have to see it. And it has to be done at the cinema since there’s no patience to wait for rental or telly broadcasts.

If Johnny Depp is in it it’s going to be good. Good as in interesting, intriguing, weird, exciting, breath-taking.

Public Enemies is no exception. Depp plays the role of John Dillinger, a dangerous bank robber who’s being hunted down by FBI agent Melvin Purvis, played by Christian Bale.

The film is set during the Great Depression. It’s quite funny and ironic to see how crime was made and investigated during a time, compared to now, technology was close to none. It would be quite incredible if a gang of say five went in to a bank today, ready to fire their guns demanding money being handed over to them and they would not be caught.

It’s based on the non-fiction Public Enemies: America’s Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34 written by Bryan Burrough. It’s history made into a film. I don’t have to read the book anymore. Educational and entertaining.

There’s romance too. Women are foolishly naturally attracted to bad guys. Marion Cotillard starred as Billie Frechette, Dillinger’s girlfriend and didn’t have much to loose when she gave up her job as cloak room attendant.

Phoebe’s brother is also in the film. Friends, the tv series, has been a big part in my life so Giovanni Ribisi will always be Phoebe’s brother in my eyes, sorry. He played Alvin Karpis, another gangster who tried to set up a job with Dillinger.

By the way Public Enemies is directed by Micahel Mann. Thought I should mention that since there are so many other names mentioned. He also directed The Kingdom, Collateral and Heat.


July 21, 2009

All right so I’m doing this Twitter thing. It’s really a bit of a craze.They talk about it on the radio all the time.

If all the celebs that are on it are real and it’s really them, being a celebrity doesn’t seem that glam or exciting or time consuming. Some of them have a lot of time in their hand, they tweet more than I do. Or maybe they’re just not very social.

So anyway, Twitter actually keeps me updated. A lot of unnecessary news but every now and then some interesting cool stuff.

Trending Topics is a good place to look at. Got to know about Michael Jackson there. And today the top one was Sliimy. Obviously, I had to check it out and this is where it finally took me

Listen to the songs and enjoy. There’s a cover of Britney Spears’ Womanizer.

A day in the park

July 19, 2009

It’s been two weeks now since I had a great day in the park. Listening to great, and not so great music. Watching people strolling along and dancing. Best thing, my almost 60-year-old mum was with me rocking it big time. We even made our way to the front at the end surviving the pushing.

Hyde Park – Wireless 2009 – Sunday 5 July

Best: Q-Tip

Worst: Limited space in the Second Stage tent

Weather was better than expected, even a bit too hot. So no mud. Gates opened at 12, I was there for about 1. Opening act was on at 2 but naturally late by 20-30min. Not bad. Young Yeezy was great, a lot of energy. I’m not a big fan so it was good that he did Usher’s Make Love in the Club, where he raps to get the crowd going and the first MJ tribute of the day.

Had a look at the Second Stage. MPHO from South Africa. Listened to one song. I definitely will have to explore her music further because it sounded good. Even heard her on Jo Whiley’s Radio 1 show the day after.

Back to the Main Stage for Noisettes. Missed the big hit Don’t Upset the Rythm but they were good, good performance. It’s a band? with a leading singer? whose name is Shingai Shoniwa. She was all over the place. Her beautiful, quite short dress ripped but the show must continue and she was still all over the place. A bit too much nonsense talk.

N-Dubz. Na Na Nii. They did their job. Nothing more, nothing less. Tinchy Stryder was around but didn’t help out when they did Number 1.

Got just in time to the Second Stage to see the end of Ironik’s performance. It was banging. Chipmunk who had been on just before was standing on the side and when he entered the stage again he stole the show. And when he went to greet the first row, all eyes were on him instead of on Ironik doing Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer).

Next on the Second Stage was Kid Cudi mostly famous for Day’N’Night. His stage presence wasn’t all that great. Listened a bit to Calvin Harris in the background who was made special guest. Don’t get it. Kelly Rowland was supposed to be there and it would have been a lot better to see her. Will have to wait for another time.

Got to see a bit of Diversity doing their Britain’s got Talent winning routine. Don’t know if they should have been there and on the Main Stage?

Back to the Second Stage to see Flo Rida they weren’t letting anymore people in until someone left. What a disappointment. And there were many other upset faces. Festival organisers, didn’t they understand that big acts should be on the bigger stage. Flo Rida vs. Aleesha Dixon. I was forced to see Aleesha.

I paid to be there and shouldn’t I be able to see and enjoy the singers that I like. No. Not a big fan of Aleesha’s music. Not very unique. Needs more of a personal touch. Liked the Misteeq bit and the grimey bits she did towards the end. She should incorporate that to her own stuff. She had a lot of energy though. Great performer.

So then, two acts left. Two big ones. Q-Tip. Kanye West. Made a squeeze towards the front. It’s bad being short. But there were some grumpy moody people, mostly girls. Pushing is to be expected so just deal with it and enjoy the show.

Q-Tip was my highlight of the night. Wearing a Michael Jackson red Thriller jacket he busted some dance moves. It was good to have a bit of old school in the house. Too bad not everyone appreciated it. Some teens in front shouted ‘who are ya, who are ya?’ Very embarrassing. One youngster behind asked another ‘do you know who he is?’ ‘No, neva heard him before.’ Sad, very sad. Hope they got home and did some googling.

The sun was setting and it was getting a bit chilly. Kanye’s stage was being set up. I was impressed. Didn’t expect that. Had seen a vlog entry beforehand with shiny golden rock like panels and a podium and the panorama screen behind as I had seen last time when I saw Kanye in Bournemouth. And it was all being set up.

I’m sorry but Mr West didn’t meet my expectations. He was good, really good. But seeing him once before, he was better that time (about 1,5 years ago). Obviously, it was before Heartbreak so the mood was different.

I think I just got a little bit bored of him standing on the podium throughout most of the show. The robotic gold-painted from top-to-toe models/dancers added to the decoration. Everything worked in synergy though, music, dancers, Kanye’s perfomance, the atmosphere, even the weather. The breeze came at the right time. It was all very emotional and powerful and that’s what 808s & Heartbreak is. And dark.

I was eager to see what Mr West was going to do with it, his new audio tune music. How he was going to work it. It worked. Maybe not what I like to see on stage, as I realised, but it worked.