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Bad Boys

August 26, 2009

So I heard it now. Yesterday morning on BBC Radio 1, Chris Moyles’ show.

Alexandra Burke’s new single. Bad Boys with Flo Rida. So what do I think? Not as good as JLS’s Beat Again. I hate that it has to be compared to the boys but it’s hard to avoid it.

I want to be nice about it and say that it will grow on me, it might. Probably not. It sounded like something out of the Eurovision. Too pop, too girlie. Not sexy enough, not sexy at all. The name of the song is Bad Boys, what else would you expect. At least Flo Rida brings some bad boy into it.

Even though it didin’t do it for me and my high expectations, it will get lots of airplay and people will love it.

What I wonder though, do those Radio 1 DJs really like everything they play? Don’t think so. Alexandra was there chatting with Chris and his crew. After they played the song, one of Chris’s friend, pretty sure it was Aled, could have been Dave pointed out that it sounds like she sings ‘spinning marmite’. It really did.

It was funny. The cheesy chorus ‘The bad boys, always catching my eye. The bad boys are always spinning my mind,’ which really sounded like spinning marmite. Anyway, annoying as they can be on that Breakfast show they went on and on and on spinning marmite. Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

X Factor: It’s coming Back

August 22, 2009

Tonight’s the night. Saturday night entertainment for the next few months, X Factor. I’m excited.

The audition shows start today, which is the funny part. There are so many losers who think they’re better than what they really are. And hearing Simon Cowell slag them off – the man is pure honesty, sometimes a bit to harsh. He is a big part of the show and it wouldn’t be the same without.

I do like that Cheryl Cole stepped in for Sharon Osbourne. Not as crazy and she speaks up to Simon and then there’s the fashion war between Cheryl and Dannii Minogue. I prefer curvaceous.

So last years winners, JLS, made it to number 1 with their debut single Beat Again. They didn’t actually win the competition. They came second. Alexandra Burke won. Are they holding her back until the live shows?

If everything goes right she can be big or just be another one in the bunch of pretty girls that can sing but you can’t really make out who it is.

The acts were good last year, really good. Spanish Ruth Lorenzo had an amazing voice and the energy of a bull. Diana Vicars, the blonde fairy with the very distinctive voice and funny hands. Laura White, who unexpectedly got the kick out early in the process even though being the bookies favourite. There were some good boys too, but there’s no doubt JLS were the best amongst them.

So it’ll be interesting what they’ll find this time around. Who gets what category. Who’s put through to the finals. Will the live audience at the auditions will make a difference (they’re hired shrinks to make sure no one ends up at the Priory, taking precautions that is). I heard Dannii’s getting help from sister Kylie… and Louis Walsh, doesn’t he always skip to put through one or two the best acts in his category.

Rock Chick goes Electro

August 16, 2009

Shakira is back! Her new song She Wolf, big hit. It makes me want to dance.

A bit different to Shakira’s previous sounds. Her vocals are still familiar but the electric notes come as fresh air.

And it comes with a video. The leotard that she’s wearing, fierce. The pop and locking moves, fierce. Not just the boobs, her whole body. Bye bye Fergie. And Beyonce is already practicing.

15 second preview of the video. For the full version, visit Shakira’s MySpace.

The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl

August 16, 2009

It’s a Cinderella story, kind of.

The Scorpion’s Sweet Venom: The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl by Bruna Surfistinha.  It’s Bruna’s own story of how she left home at 17 to own her living as a prostitute.

With a middle-class background, she always kept her standards and with an open-minded attitude, she was willing to try anything requested by her clients. Many stories that are detailed in the book.

She first went to live in a whore house but as her career progressed she got herself her own apartment and her own clients.

Very entertaining book to read and for some it probably works as a guide. The clients were happy to share their stories with Bruna, who at many occasions acted as a counsellor.

It’s the positive side of prostitution and how some can get lucky that is portrayed in this story.

Bruna did use drugs and not everything was fancy pansy. The fact that she had an education and came from a wealthy family plays a big role. She starts her own blog gaining unexpected popularity, through the business she meets her husband, leaves the prostitute profession and lives happily ever after… like Cinderella.

Bruna Surfistinha is the pseudonym of Raquel Pacheco.

Sin Nombre

August 16, 2009

Last week at this time I sat in a red chair in a dark room. Cinema, not what I normally do on a Sunday morning. I managed to get some free preview tickets to a film. Sin Nombre. Latin American. Excited and happy to watch a foreign film. I get bored of all the English speaking sometimes.

Sin Nombre, without name in Spanish, raises the issues of immigration and gang loyalty. Two stories twist into each other.

Sayra is reunited with her father to make the trip from Central America across Mexico to the US. Along the way they meet Casper who wants to leave his gangster life behind. It’s a tragedy.

I sat there with hope, because that’s all I could do. I wish things could be different but it’s a slap in the face because they’re not. I like films like this. You learn something. It shows how tough life can be. It’s very emotional.

Ping Pong

August 3, 2009

Not the game. The restaurant, of course.

“Welcome to Ping Pong, the Twenty-First Century Tea House. We have twelve stylish Central London and City based restaurants serving delicious hand-made dim sum, fragrant teas and sensational cocktails.” (From their website)

I went to the Soho restaurant on Great Marlborough Street on Sunday afternoon with two girlfriends. It turned out 3 was the perfect number. The tapas-like dishes came in threes.

Two of us had never had dim sum before so it was a new experience, a good one. Many different flavours. Steamed dumplings, sticky rice, steamed buns, chilli squid and the best prawn toast I’ve ever had.

The steamed bun was whiter than white and its sweet taste was a surprise. The dumplings were fresh, absolutely delicious and I should have had some more. The sticky rice was wrapped in a Lotus leaf with a strong smell of green tea but apparently we weren’t supposed to eat the leaf. The salmon and noodle salad with goji berries, which is a red sweet wrinkly berry, different to anything else I have had.

On top of that, my dessert, mango pudding in coconut milk was very tasty. It could have been a bit bigger.

I liked the restaurant, the atmosphere, the interior. It was contemporary, clean and welcoming. I will definitely go back and introduce others to the dim sum experience.

For me, having dim sum for the first time, was a bit like when I first had sushi. Sushi was completely different but this was eating Chinease in a new way but still incorporating some of the familiar. I hardly ever have Chinease anymore, not at restaurants, as a take-away and I don’t cook it anymore. Dim sum, however, has brought the pleasure of Chinease food back, mostly because of the way it’s served.

As for the price, it was worth it!