Sin Nombre

August 16, 2009

Last week at this time I sat in a red chair in a dark room. Cinema, not what I normally do on a Sunday morning. I managed to get some free preview tickets to a film. Sin Nombre. Latin American. Excited and happy to watch a foreign film. I get bored of all the English speaking sometimes.

Sin Nombre, without name in Spanish, raises the issues of immigration and gang loyalty. Two stories twist into each other.

Sayra is reunited with her father to make the trip from Central America across Mexico to the US. Along the way they meet Casper who wants to leave his gangster life behind. It’s a tragedy.

I sat there with hope, because that’s all I could do. I wish things could be different but it’s a slap in the face because they’re not. I like films like this. You learn something. It shows how tough life can be. It’s very emotional.

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