July 27, 2010

Never have I been looking forward for so long to see a film and never have I had such high expectations before I see a film. I try to ignore listening to the critics, try to avoid watching trailers. But I had not heard one bad word about Inception and I’m not surprised. It didn’t disappoint!

It exceeded my expectations by miles. I even dare to say that it might be the best film I see this year. Last year it was Inglorious Basterds.

Inception was more than two hours long but I was sitting in suspense pretty much the whole time and the theatre was so quiet even though it was full.

What you see is unbelievable but what if it was true? It could be true, couldn’t it? It’s amazing. Makes you think who comes up with these kind of stories. How much dope have they taken?

Ok, so it was kind of hard not to be exposed to the trailer or the posters so I thought a lot about the scene when the earth folds would happen. This wasn’t an enormous wave, it was a piece of built land. It didn’t take very long. And it was only one of many cool effects.

I actually thought it was another disaster film where the world is going under, but no, it wasn’t. Thanks for that.

Now, earlier this year I watched Shutter Island, also with Leonardo DiCaprio in the main role. The characters he plays, as Teddy Daniels (Shutter Island) and Mr Cobb (Inception), have some similarities in regards to the world they sometimes live in and their family issues. Just something that came to mind. And if you see both you might agree.

Inception, though, is a must-see film and preferably on the big screen.

Sweet dreams!


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