Cougar Town

August 19, 2010
Cougar Town

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It doesn’t matter if she is in New York City, Hollywood or a small town in Florida, Courteney Cox is always playing a hyper neurotic control-freak who just doesn’t seem to shut up.

At least in Friends, she has more of a supporting role so the focus isn’t totally on her like in Dirt and Cougar Town.

Cougar Town follows the life of recently divorced Jules Cobb, aged 41, who has a teenage son and runs a real estate agency.

It’s a show I decided to catch up on while I’m waiting for my other favourites to start after summer and I’m quite enjoying it for the time being.

The characters are a bunch of funny people with exaggerated personalities. Especially, Ellie, Jules’s neighbour and best friend who seems to be in a marriage just for the heck of it and Laurie, the dizzy younger assistant who’s helping Jules relive her twenties. Yes, making Jules a ‘cougar’.

The show is a lot about drinking wine, whining and whining about sex. It’s a lot about sex.

Second season starts in September so obviously the first was successful enough. Maybe, I catch up on it next summer, but probably, I’ll make time for it when I have more important things to do that I don’t feel like doing.


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