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Kelly Rowland – Commander

September 30, 2010

It really took me by surprise. That this song that I’ve heard on the radio is by Kelly Rowland. It doesn’t sound like her, not at all. She’s soul, not pop.

The song is all right, it’s ok. Very euro-pop, euro-trash even, maybe. But David Guetta is French so maybe that’s why. When Love Takes Over was better.

I just saw the video to Commander and I had no idea that Kelly Rowland’s new song sounded like or that she had fallen under the peer pressure of dressing in latex and knickers.

Raw meat=Fashion?

September 20, 2010

There must be a limit to how far a person can go. I’m in absolute awe.

I know the VMAs were last Sunday and I did have a look at some of the dresses worn on the white carpet. Lady Gaga in something that only she would wear, of course. A dress with a big painting that she apparently wore last year in Vanity Fair. Not that bad.

  2010 MTV VMA white carpet PHOTOS: Lady Gaga in red and gold Alexander McQueen from Vanity Fair shoot

I did see something about “Lady Gaga meat dress” trending on Twitter but didn’t put my mind to it until today, just a moment ago, when a picture appeared in front of my eyes.

Lady Gaga wearing pieces of meat. Red meat covering her body. A piece of meat on her head. And they call this a hat. Meat on her feet in the shape of wedges. Meat from a living animal covering a human body.

Meat that could feed the hungry. Seriously. There are people in this world who don’t know what the sensation of being full feels like. I am truly disgusted.

Firstly, I’m disgusted of the designer for thinking of such an inhuman, tasteless and cruel creation. Secondly, what kind of person is this Lady Gaga, would she let someone wear meat from her body and thirdly, MTV, how could they agree to this, don’t they have any moral or ethical responsibility. Limits, there must be a limit.

But apparently not. When it comes to publicity everything is allowed. Yes, I have given it some attention here so they succeeded. However, they lost my appreciation and hopefully others’ too.

Is this what fashion is coming too? What will be the next thing? Lady Gaga always trying to outdo herself. But then it’s not surprising that she would be the one to wear something like that. She already have followers trying to imitate her style but let’s hope they’ve got some sense not to wear raw meat.

Actually, I got a funny thought, I wonder if there’s a synthetic imitation of Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Something done in sticky plastic. Just in case…

Lady Gaga in a dress made of raw meat on the 2010 MTV Music Awards

Kebab Pizza

September 16, 2010

Kebab pizza

Mouth-watering. Delicious. Tasty. Filling. Lush. Outstanding. Great. Divine. Flavourful.

This kebab pizza is from Valsta Vedugn o Kolgrill, a local restaurant and a very good one. Obviously, the pizza I ate was as close to perfect as it can be. The staff was very attentive. Nice, simple and relaxed atmosphere. Fresh bread and cabbage salad. Everything you expect from a Swedish Pizzeria. I will definitely go back and try other dishes.

The Swedish pizza is different from others. It is more succulent and have more filling than the Italian. It is thinner and not as fatty as the American. And the Dutch one I had was awful with a weird mix of different tastes that shouldn’t be combined.

Yes, the Swedish pizza is special. But they vary from place to place, of course. For me, the dough is very important. Soft, fluffy and slightly crispy. The ingredients have to be fresh and the right amount of filling. Too little, it may be dry. Too much, it may be saggy and break.

So, I was very lucky today. A bit pricey maybe compared to other places but probably worth it.

Cher Lloyd got Swagger

September 11, 2010

I heard it on the radio and thought this is really good. Really good and so different to be on the X Factor.

It was Cher Lloyd singing the Keri Hilson version of Soulja Boy’s  Turn My Swag On. I had to put a face to the voice so here it is:

Admittedly, I did think she was black because of the genre of the song, stereotypically thinking.

However, I think Cher was great. A lot of attitude and good stage presence at the young age of 16. And her face, if they’re looking for something different, there they have it.

I haven’t watched any other auditions, I do miss the show, knowing what to do on a Saturday night. But from what I’ve heard it hasn’t been that good and last year wasn’t great either. It would be fun if Cher wins but I doubt it since she is so young.

She appeared on This Morning for a short interview. She was very mature, not annoying or giggly, nothing like Stacey Solomon from last year. She already has some sense of style even though it needs working on. Don’t think the Amy Winehouse hair will take her far.

When asked who she’d like to perform with she said Nicki Minaj. Just watch the presenters’ clueless reaction. Now, think what that would be like, the two together, Nicki and Cher, pulling faces, probably wearing some flamboyant outfits.

If Cher gets to the final three, I’d like to see that happen. Simon Cowell should have the contacts.


September 10, 2010

Just read the terrific news that a wagamama restaurant is opening in Sweden 17 October. I like it a lot.

It will be perfect to have a hot noodle soup to heat up from the freezing cold weather that is approaching.

I haven’t been to the pan-asian inspired noodle restaurant that many times, but always had a good experience. The food is fresh and mouth-watering.

I tend to go for the noodle soups, feels like it’s their specialty. They’re served in deep bowls with a lot of ingredients.

The wagamama ramen, for example, has  chicken, dory, prawn, kamaboko, tofu, mushroom, wakame and seasonal greens, garnished with menma and spring onion. It’s eaten with a wooden spoon but sometimes it’s good to use the sticks to roll the noodles.

wagamama ramen noodle soup

It’s cooked in open kitchens, so if you like you can have peek of what’s going on. It’s served directly as it gets done, so you might get your food before your friend. Not that great because I think they could time it so it all gets done at the same time.

There are many options in the menu, too many, because they always get me confused, and there’s a good variety of rice and noodle dishes and some salads. And you always get free green tea when food is ordered. Great concept.

The furnishing is quite simple with long wooden tables and benches. A bit of a fast-food restaurant feel about it, so not very fancy.

But it’s about the food, I always have a good, healthy feeling after eating at wagamama. It’s nutritious, low-fat and tasty.

The restaurant will be located in the Waterfront Building near the Central Station in Stockholm.

Now that they’ve been so clever to bring a wagamama to Sweden, why not open a Nandos as well. Seriously.

My source

The Expendables

September 1, 2010

Definitely messy! It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good. Ok, that’s what it was, ok. Nothing less and nothing more of what you expect from an action flick.

Of course, the cast is a bit more than one may expect, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts, Terry Crews and short appearances from Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Just think, Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger in the same scene. If there’s one reason to see The Expendables, this the one. It has to be seen just because of that. It was a funny scene. Many clichés. Good if you know the guys.

So, it’s a real boy film. Not much romance, a lot of bang bang, appalling acting. There are only two women in the entire film and they both need to be saved. Oh, another cliché.

Actually, that’s what the film is filled with, a lot of clichés, but then it wouldn’t be a real action if it wasn’t. For example, all good actions have to include an explosion scene where you see fire behind diving men. It’s a classic.

And where the dudes you’re supposed to hate shoot a million shots and miss and then the good guy gives it one shot and hits target. Classic.

I guess I’m only bringing up the obvious, but if you thought The Expendables would be something else, it’s not. The bonus maybe, you get to see Stallone looking like Barbie, or Ken, since he’s a man, kind of creepy.

Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke in The Expendables

So, why did I see it? I have a weak spot for Jason Statham but I didn’t find him quite as charming here as in The Transporter trilogy.

I really, really wanted to see it until I read the synopsis: “A team of mercenaries  gets a mission to precipitate the dictator of Vilena.” Suddenly, I changed my mind thinking it would be just as good on dvd.

However, it was a Sunday night and it’s nice to get out of the house and it was entertaining. Still, maybe I should have chosen to see Toy Story 3 in 3D anyway…