October 24, 2010

This film is cool.

You can’t be too serious about it, of how it’s made, the actors, the blood, or you could. But not everyone will get it. I’d like to think I did.

Still, it is cool. It’s retro. And funny. Ironic. Better to see it with a light heart.

And you know that guy with long hair, normally one of the bad guys who doesn’t say much. He finally got the leading role. But he doesn’t say that much here either.

He’s extremely cool though. The ladies fall for him like crazy. Ugh. Doesn’t matter that he has some kind of a hero role. He’s not hot. Danny Trejo. Cool.

Oh, Robert de Niro. Isn’t he always the best. A bit smug. Here, an immigrant hating senator in the middle of a campaign for re-election. Not that I agree with what he’s character stands for. Might be good to point that out.

Two hot brave strong Latinas. Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez. The law-enforcer and the law-breaker. But it’s not always about following the law but about doing what’s right.

The spoiled bimbo blogger daddy’s little girl. A sinner and a saint. Lindsey Lohan is not that bad. Just annoying. She shows her boobs but they’ve probably been out at other public occasions.

Steven Seagal is in it too. Big boss. Not much to say about him.

Everybody gets shot, but nobody dies. At least not the ones that count.

So in short, Machete, played by Danny Trejo, is hired to shoot the senator but is set up. In revenge he wants to kill the ones who hired him. Machete rocks.

Apparently it’s been in the making for over ten years, there’s a trailer of it in Grindhouse and Machete, the character, has appeared in other films. Robert Rodriguez directed it.

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