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Svenska Ögonblick at Friends Arena

October 29, 2012

It was a spectacular show. Yes, colourful and spectacular. Full-on with no breaks because it was being broadcast live on television. And that’s what it was made for. Television.

Being there in the arena was nice and of course it felt really special. Actually honourable. It was the inauguration of the new national arena in Sweden. The biggest arena in Sweden. The Friends Arena with a capacity of up to 67 500 spectators depending on the event. And I was there for the first event ever being held.

Swedish Moments is what Svenska Ögonblick means. Everything Swedish. But they failed to inform the audience in the arena about that. Man next to me asked who Icona Pop were and if they were Swedish. I only knew, because I recognised the song from listening to the radio, which I wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the job I have at the moment spending hours driving around the country. Still, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure if Icona Pop were Swedish but said they should be due to the occasion.

So seeing pretty much all of Sweden in the last four weeks, it was great timing for me to see the show. But it would have been nice to have gotten a presentation of each act. Or if there had been a program handed out. Or if the performers themselves could have said a few words.

And the seats were quite uncomfortable but the view was great. Seems like it’s the kind of arena where it doesn’t matter where you sit you will have a good view.

It was a good show and I’ll probably remember it for the rest of my life. Roxette performed songs from when I was a little kid going to school dances. Slow dancing to the last song It Must Have Been Love and the sing along song The Look.

Ooh… and I saw our beautiful crown princess Victoria!