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The Paris mojito ain’t got nothing on the Barcelona mojito…

March 18, 2011

So, I recently spent a few days in Paris and had four mojitos at different places. Most of them around the Bastille area. One or two were ok, and I’m being nice when I’m saying ok. They weren’t enjoyable.  Too sweet, not sweet enough, no mint taste, too watery…

If you want a real mojito, go to Plaza Real in Barcelona and it doesn’t matter which bar you go to. It will be exceptional. I spent a few days in Barcelona in 2009 and made sure I got my fair share.

At one place as they were closing they poured the cocktail in a take-away cup. We didn’t get kicked out, they simply wanted to do the dishes.

Being half-Brazilian, obviously, I’m a caipirinha lover. I like the sour, I like the sweet and it’s refreshing. But adding some mint leaves and swapping the cachaça with rum makes it even more refreshing.