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Ping Pong

August 3, 2009

Not the game. The restaurant, of course.

“Welcome to Ping Pong, the Twenty-First Century Tea House. We have twelve stylish Central London and City based restaurants serving delicious hand-made dim sum, fragrant teas and sensational cocktails.” (From their website)

I went to the Soho restaurant on Great Marlborough Street on Sunday afternoon with two girlfriends. It turned out 3 was the perfect number. The tapas-like dishes came in threes.

Two of us had never had dim sum before so it was a new experience, a good one. Many different flavours. Steamed dumplings, sticky rice, steamed buns, chilli squid and the best prawn toast I’ve ever had.

The steamed bun was whiter than white and its sweet taste was a surprise. The dumplings were fresh, absolutely delicious and I should have had some more. The sticky rice was wrapped in a Lotus leaf with a strong smell of green tea but apparently we weren’t supposed to eat the leaf. The salmon and noodle salad with goji berries, which is a red sweet wrinkly berry, different to anything else I have had.

On top of that, my dessert, mango pudding in coconut milk was very tasty. It could have been a bit bigger.

I liked the restaurant, the atmosphere, the interior. It was contemporary, clean and welcoming. I will definitely go back and introduce others to the dim sum experience.

For me, having dim sum for the first time, was a bit like when I first had sushi. Sushi was completely different but this was eating Chinease in a new way but still incorporating some of the familiar. I hardly ever have Chinease anymore, not at restaurants, as a take-away and I don’t cook it anymore. Dim sum, however, has brought the pleasure of Chinease food back, mostly because of the way it’s served.

As for the price, it was worth it!