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Black Swan

February 26, 2011

Very intense. It’s like sitting on needles. You think you’re going to be able to stand up and then someone pushes you down and you’re on the needles again.

Very intense. You’re holding your breath and you want to take a deep breath but the suspense comes back so quickly you’re holding your breath again.

Very intense. And it’s so beautiful yet so gory.

Black Swan, the one word that describes the film best is intense if you hadn’t noticed yet. Everything about it – the story, the characters, the music…

Not that I know much of the ballet industry but it feels like a realistic view of what it could be like. Very competitive, pressurised, filled with insecurities, which all have its consequences. Eating disorders, mental disorders, OCDs. Still, it may be prejudiced.

Happy I gave it up at the age of seven or was kind of forced due to circumstances but what if?

But, also, probably why I enjoyed watching this film so much. What if?

Natalie Portman was brilliant and if she wins the Oscar, she truly deserves it. So much better than Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine. But there’s a 14-year-old in the run too.



The Fighter

January 16, 2011

It’s that time of year again. Award season. Golden Globe later tonight. Oscars later next month. So, there are always lots of good films to watch around this time of year.

The Fighter is nominated for six Golden Globes and that should speak for itself. I’m not going to argue against it because it was great. I enjoyed it, I laughed and I cried.

It had all the essences a good film has to have and probably a little bit more than I would normally demand. Great story, some humour, some romance, action and a lot of drama. Great actors too of course.

Christian Bale was outstanding as Dicky Eklund, a former boxer turned trainer and it would really surprise me if he doesn’t win anything. Mark Wahlberg on the other hand, as Dicky’s half-brother, boxer Micky Ward, was good but was he great?

We will all know by tomorrow. The two actresses, Amy Adams as Micky’s girlfriend Charlene and Melissa Leo as the boys’ mother are also up for nomination.

I won’t stay up watching. Where I live it will be broadcast at 2 a.m. And I’m not one to watch the ceremonies anyway. I just want to know who won.

So, The Fighter is another boxing film and for some reason I like boxing when it’s in a film. Not that much otherwise.

Recently I read that they wanted to organise a fight between Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith. Micky Ward and Muhammad Ali. I don’t know if they going forward with it but that could be interesting to watch.

By the way, The Fighter is based on a true story. Ali was too. And so are many of the films that get nominated for those big fancy awards.

The Social Network

October 24, 2010

500 million users. From a college dorm room to computer screens, little mobile phone displays to the big cinema theatre screens. 500 million users, could that turn into 500 million viewers?

The life of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg portrayed in a film based on Ben Mezrich book The Accidental Billionaires. It follows the world’s biggest online social network’s history from 2003, how it developed and the fast success it had.

Mark, the mastermind behind Facebook, you don’t know if you want to hate him or love him. But mostly I felt sorry for him. Being a genius, gaining over-night fame won’t always get you what you want. I’m definitely impressed and fascinated by this guy.

But down deep it was all about a girl and girls can be tricky.  And so can men.

Mark was met with two lawsuits. One from the Winklevoss twins for stealing their idea and one from his best friend Eduardo Saverin. Was Mark acting selfish, yes. But sometimes you have to and in his case it seemed like he did it unconsciously.

He probably didn’t want to make any harm, acting without thinking too much. He was acting on instinct and I want to say that he was lucky too.

However, the real Mark Zuckerberg has taken distance from the film so how much of Mezrich’s findings come from the man himself?

The film is very convincing. It’s an adaptation of a real-life story so it’s a bit like a documentary. It wasn’t great, just very interesting. I’m on Facebook.

With 500 million users around the globe, obviously, there are a lot of people who can relate to the film. Don’t know how well the book sold but it was published last year and casting for the film began about a month later.

It had to be done quickly otherwise someone else who has the skills and the means would have stolen the idea.

If you’re on Facebook and want to know how it all began, watch The Social Network. If you’re not on Facebook and want to know what it is about, watch The Social Network.