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Big Brother

June 27, 2009

It’s summer again and stuff on telly gets really bad. All the good series take a break, so the only thing left apart from your daily soaps, the news is Big Brother. But soon, they should stop doing that too.

There are too many attention seeking, fame obsessed people on it. What happened to the girl next door, the bloke down the pub, your normal average friend? No, all there is now is your ultra blonde glamour model, a gay hair dresser and a multicultural bunch from all corners of the world.

The fourth eviction took place yesterday and it was Russian bride, Angel’s turn to leave the house. She really bored me and gave me a painful feeling of embarassment so I might actually start watching it a bit more. I doubt it though.

Will probably only keep on watching the Friday live show. I like Davina McCall. I like to see her black outfits. A lot more fashionable than Anne Robinson’s on The Weakest Link.

So if there aren’t any major scandals going on inside that house, I won’t be watching it. I never used to watch Celebrity BB until the Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty issue. But isn’t it time they throw in some new housemates? Usually it spices things up in there when another complete stranger shows up.

I’m still hoping Rodrigo wins, only because he’s Brazilian and speaks with that exotic accent.