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September 7, 2009

Delicious sushi to go. Ok, I love sushi but it doesn’t mean that I like all sushi.

Ready-made sushi bought in boxes is almost always dry and quite tasteless. Not enough pieces, a lot of rice no filling or very little meat. It doesn’t have the freshness sushi normally has. When it’s right you feel healthy, fresh and a sense of well-being.

All right so I was in a rush and very hungry, not in the mood for sandwich. Passed by itsu, and thought sushi will do. 5 salmon makis, 3 small California rolls and ruccola and carrot salad with sunflower seeds for £5.95. Good price.

It filled me up, it was tasty and fresh. Best sushi in a box I have had. The salmon covered the whole bed of rice. Not a great fan of sesame seeds on my rolls since they come off in the soy sauce. And not enough soy sauce, which is always a problem.

Click here for itsu’s website.