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Movies at Stockholm’s 24th International Film Festival

November 21, 2013


So after being to about 10-12 films during the Stockholm International Film Festival last year and year before I decided to only pick a couple, which became two couples. All of different origin of course. That’s the thing about the festival. I have to make sure I see films wouldn’t otherwise.

Three of them were absolutely fantastic and I saw them all on Sunday. Can’t remember I saw anything that good last year. But it could be that less is more. The new thing is to focus at one thing at a time and stop with the multi-tasking… so not too many films. Right.

So the first one. Rio 2096 – A Story of Love and Fury. The message was pretty clear as it was repeated a few times. ‘Living without knowing the past is like walking in the dark’. That I will remember for the rest of my life or a long time at least. Obviously, being half-Brazilian it had an impact on me. Even though I’m very familiar with the history it’s always painful, sad and emotional to see the suffering, struggle, injustice my people have been through. Very interesting was the take they had on the future. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to fly away the fight will never end. And it was animated.

Supposed to be really good in 3D but that was not an option at the festival and doubt it will hit the mainstream.

The second one. The Lunchbox. I do have a weakness for Indian films. It doesn’t matter how sad the story is there will always be some humour. So I saw the coolest lunchbox and I definitely want one. Everything, most things are available online these days so hoping to find one or should ask one of my colleagues. The film was sweet with that little suspense to know what was written in those notes between two stranger. A not so happy housewife and a widower about to retire. The lunchboxes got mixed up of course. So the husband was receiving the lunchbox from a restaurant and didn’t even notice that it wasn’t his wife’s delicious cooking. Sad!

Third and last. Painful. Terribly painful. How could this happen. Cried my eyes out. 12 Years a Slave – go and see it, get a copy, download, just see it. And not because the actors are fantastic, they are but because the story needs to be made aware of. Such things should not have happened. Painful, because it’s still happening.

The day before. On Saturday I saw a Romanian film. Mostly because I like the language. I think I understand it but I don’t. But I can distinguish a few words here and there. Sounds similar to Italian so somewhat similar to Portuguese. Child’s Pose. Tragedy. A dysfunctional relationship between mother and son. Just didn’t think this film was as good as the other Romanian films I’ve seen.