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Inglorious Basterds

September 7, 2009

Best film this year? Best film ever? Definitely Tarantino’s best ever so far!

When I saw the trailer for Inglorious Basterds, I thought, another World War II film. Aren’t there enough. Why would Quentin Tarantino do one as well?

Putting Tarantino and Brad Pitt together it makes it a must-see film. And good it was. Maybe there will never be enough World War II films. There were so many countries involved, so many stories to be told and different angles. But then fiction can be added to it too.

Inglorious Basterds, a full-on film from beginning to end. From the opening scene where a Frenchman, against his will is forced to admit hiding Jews in his house to a Nazi officer to where the Basterds’ leader leaves a mark on the same Nazi officer.

In the Nazi occupied France, Shoshanna, the Jewish girl that got away later meets up with the man who killed her family. She lives in disguise as a French cinema owner inherited by her aunt. She gets the chance to get even when her small theatre hosts the premiere of a German war film to be attended by the highest officers and Hitler himself.

The Basterds also plan their invasion of the premiere as it is their chance to end the war. The American soldiers came with a mission, to kill and hand over 100 Nazi scalps each, in Tarantino goriness style.

Perfect timing is what made this film a greater one. As well as the camera angles, skilled actors, sound effects, clever and sometimes humorous dialogue and the book chapters it was divided into giving spectators a breather.

As for all films there’s a message. For that I recommend reading Mark Blankenship’s thoughts on Inglorious Basterds who makes a valid point. Click here for his review.