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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

October 10, 2010

“Money is a bitch that never sleeps” and I was a bitch that fell asleep.

It’s true, I dozed off for a little bit. That is how boring it was. Too much talk about numbers and backstabbing and spreading rumours.

I’m not going to slag it off completely because there were some good parts.

Michael Douglas’ character as Gordon Gekko was the highlight. At least he was a little bit funny. A man who had been in prison, came out, wrote a book, held some lectures and worked his way up again. By what means? Backstabbing, of course.

I think I learnt a bit about stocks, market share, investment banking blablabla… yawn… zzzzzzz.

But no, seriously it was quite informative and I probably have a little better understanding about what goes on, on Wall Street. That is, if the film wasn’t completely fictitious.

And if it wasn’t, I rather not get too involved with the world of Wall Street and, I should say, other places like it.

Let’s not forget about the moral message, money isn’t the most important thing in life. There are other things like the fight, the ways to get money.

So it was ok, but quite boring. If I hadn’t been at the cinema but on the sofa, I wouldn’t have made an effort to stay awake.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - Michael Douglas, Shia LaBoeuf, Oliver Stone



Terminator Salvation

June 17, 2009

Can’t say I was overly excited about watching the new Terminator. I haven’t even watched the one that came out a few years ago. But I did it and it had to be done at the cinema. If it’s action, special effects, it’s not the same at home.

I enjoy actions and that’s what you get, and a lot of it. Terminator Salvation, the fourth in the sequels has left Arnold Schwarzenegger out of the set to work on his politics. However, there’s some old footage of him that has been cut into this one. It looked a bit odd but better than what I had expected and it was quite late into the film. I was actually sitting waiting for it.

So, John Connor (Christian Bale) is back with an army. The year is 2018 and the Skynet’s machines have pretty much taken over the world or at least that part of America. The machines are not disguised in human bodies anymore, which was a huge disappointment for me. They’re simply clumsy yet powerful robots in different shapes and sizes.

It was absolutely worth seeing this actionpacked blockbuster. Still I’m more excited about other films due to premiere this summer like the new Transformers. Why? I’m not a 13-year-old boy. No. I didn’t play with them when I was younger. My brother did. I just liked the first one and happen to be a big fan of Shia LaBeouf. He always have some witty jokes.