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September 10, 2010

Just read the terrific news that a wagamama restaurant is opening in Sweden 17 October. I like it a lot.

It will be perfect to have a hot noodle soup to heat up from the freezing cold weather that is approaching.

I haven’t been to the pan-asian inspired noodle restaurant that many times, but always had a good experience. The food is fresh and mouth-watering.

I tend to go for the noodle soups, feels like it’s their specialty. They’re served in deep bowls with a lot of ingredients.

The wagamama ramen, for example, hasĀ  chicken, dory, prawn, kamaboko, tofu, mushroom, wakame and seasonal greens, garnished with menma and spring onion. It’s eaten with a wooden spoon but sometimes it’s good to use the sticks to roll the noodles.

wagamama ramen noodle soup

It’s cooked in open kitchens, so if you like you can have peek of what’s going on. It’s served directly as it gets done, so you might get your food before your friend. Not that great because I think they could time it so it all gets done at the same time.

There are many options in the menu, too many, because they always get me confused, and there’s a good variety of rice and noodle dishes and some salads. And you always get free green tea when food is ordered. Great concept.

The furnishing is quite simple with long wooden tables and benches. A bit of a fast-food restaurant feel about it, so not very fancy.

But it’s about the food, I always have a good, healthy feeling after eating at wagamama. It’s nutritious, low-fat and tasty.

The restaurant will be located in the Waterfront Building near the Central Station in Stockholm.

Now that they’ve been so clever to bring a wagamama to Sweden, why not open a Nandos as well. Seriously.

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