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January 30, 2010

Right, so it took a while for me to bring myself down to the cinema to see this film. First, I’m not into science fiction. Second, I’m not one to fall for peer pressure but this time I did. Haven’t seen any of the Ring films or Star Wars and only bits of a few Bond films. Third, 3D!!!

I had to find out what the hype was about. I hadn’t heard anything negative about it and then it won a/a few Golden Globes and it’s been nominated for Oscars.

Of course, I watched it in 3D, no point in having to say I didn’t when people ask if I did. I wasn’t too impressed by the 3D effects though. I thought I was supposed to feel like I was being a part of the film, at leastĀ  little bit. Disappointed. I had a much better 3D experience at Disney World.

Converted to science fiction, no! There will always be unanswered questions in my head with science fiction. So, looking passed this fact it was kind of nice to fantasise about the peaceful world of the Avatars. Flying on your own dragon. Glowing trees.

Still, I really enjoyed the film and found it worthwhile because of its story. How sad, selfish and ignorant human beings can be, thinking they’re in a superior position trying to force their ways onto strangers. People are just so scared disrespectful of the unknown. At least some kind of reality. But then I had read somewhere, James Cameron, the writer and director, saying the film was about people.

So is 3D now here to stay? The trailers were all in 3D and I remember watching some weekend morning shows on telly in 3D, didn’t have the special glasses but if I did it would’ve been in 3D. I did take a look behind me in the theatreĀ  what the future may look like, an audience all wearing funny glasses. And then we’ll be wearing them at home, and if going to friends, make sure to bring the glasses or it all be a big blur.