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Fenomen with Uri Geller

March 29, 2011

The concept has been repeated in other countries like the US, Germany and Netherlands and now it’s come to Sweden. Unfortunately.

Uri Geller wants to find the next Swedish mentalist in Fenomen which is broadcast on Kanal 5. It’s absolute NONSENSE. It’s fake and I hope people can see it.

I happened to be sitting in the audience for the first live show, making sure I was clapping when supposed to, looking happy and skeptic.

The reliability of the tricks, magic or whatever it was can really be questioned. One of the contestants had been injured earlier in the rehearsal. So it’s all rehearsed. It doesn’t fall in to them naturally.

They use celebrities to help with the tricks, which all seemed to be following instuctions and playing into the act. If they had just picked random people from the audience, that would’ve been something.

I had never heard about this Uri Geller before but he’s a sucker for attention, saying he was going to walk up and down the bleachers to sign his autograph or if anyone wanted to take a picture with him. Didn’t see many who gave him much importance when he actually did it.

He does seem to be a cuckoo head claiming he’s got supernatural powers. He asked if people had brought their broken watches and appliances with them and a few had. With his and everybody’s mental power these broken items were going to be fixed and work again. Even people at home were asked to get their stuff to the TV set.

My friend had a watch with her and guess what? It didn’t start to work. It simply needs a battery change, I’m sure. And the people in front of us, their watch didn’t start working either.

All right, this might sound contradictory, but I do believe supernatural powers are possible. Telepathy between twins. Female intiution.

I just don’t believe in Uri Geller and this show. I might have to watch the other episodes to have a good laugh or who knows, I might change my mind.


December 21, 2010

First season great. Second season outstanding. Why do I have to wait a whole year for the third season? It’s going to be freaking amazing. I hope. It should be. New superpowers. Awesome.

So, the first season had six episodes, second had seven, will the third have eight? Please producers, be a bit more generous.

After a very strange storm a group of offenders on community service developed super powers. Love it. Now, which one would you have chosen: Turning back time, invisibility, hearing other people’s thoughts, making someone aroused by touching them or …

Can’t give that one away but it’s at the end of the first season. And it’s hilarious.

It’s the best British series ever. No wonder it won the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series.

Misfits felt a bit like Skins, which I gave up watching after very few episodes. But these kids had super powers. Even though I’m not a huge fan of science fiction this is right up my street.

They’re no superheroes since, even if they mean well and try to do right, trouble is around the corner. And that’s what makes them stick together. Alicia, Kelly, Curtis, Simon and Nathan.

Best, absolute best things about Misfits – Kelly. Nathan. The jokes, the sarcasm.

Cher Lloyd got Swagger

September 11, 2010

I heard it on the radio and thought this is really good. Really good and so different to be on the X Factor.

It was Cher Lloyd singing the Keri Hilson version of Soulja Boy’s  Turn My Swag On. I had to put a face to the voice so here it is:

Admittedly, I did think she was black because of the genre of the song, stereotypically thinking.

However, I think Cher was great. A lot of attitude and good stage presence at the young age of 16. And her face, if they’re looking for something different, there they have it.

I haven’t watched any other auditions, I do miss the show, knowing what to do on a Saturday night. But from what I’ve heard it hasn’t been that good and last year wasn’t great either. It would be fun if Cher wins but I doubt it since she is so young.

She appeared on This Morning for a short interview. She was very mature, not annoying or giggly, nothing like Stacey Solomon from last year. She already has some sense of style even though it needs working on. Don’t think the Amy Winehouse hair will take her far.

When asked who she’d like to perform with she said Nicki Minaj. Just watch the presenters’ clueless reaction. Now, think what that would be like, the two together, Nicki and Cher, pulling faces, probably wearing some flamboyant outfits.

If Cher gets to the final three, I’d like to see that happen. Simon Cowell should have the contacts.

Cougar Town

August 19, 2010
Cougar Town

Image via Wikipedia

It doesn’t matter if she is in New York City, Hollywood or a small town in Florida, Courteney Cox is always playing a hyper neurotic control-freak who just doesn’t seem to shut up.

At least in Friends, she has more of a supporting role so the focus isn’t totally on her like in Dirt and Cougar Town.

Cougar Town follows the life of recently divorced Jules Cobb, aged 41, who has a teenage son and runs a real estate agency.

It’s a show I decided to catch up on while I’m waiting for my other favourites to start after summer and I’m quite enjoying it for the time being.

The characters are a bunch of funny people with exaggerated personalities. Especially, Ellie, Jules’s neighbour and best friend who seems to be in a marriage just for the heck of it and Laurie, the dizzy younger assistant who’s helping Jules relive her twenties. Yes, making Jules a ‘cougar’.

The show is a lot about drinking wine, whining and whining about sex. It’s a lot about sex.

Second season starts in September so obviously the first was successful enough. Maybe, I catch up on it next summer, but probably, I’ll make time for it when I have more important things to do that I don’t feel like doing.

X Factor: It’s coming Back

August 22, 2009

Tonight’s the night. Saturday night entertainment for the next few months, X Factor. I’m excited.

The audition shows start today, which is the funny part. There are so many losers who think they’re better than what they really are. And hearing Simon Cowell slag them off – the man is pure honesty, sometimes a bit to harsh. He is a big part of the show and it wouldn’t be the same without.

I do like that Cheryl Cole stepped in for Sharon Osbourne. Not as crazy and she speaks up to Simon and then there’s the fashion war between Cheryl and Dannii Minogue. I prefer curvaceous.

So last years winners, JLS, made it to number 1 with their debut single Beat Again. They didn’t actually win the competition. They came second. Alexandra Burke won. Are they holding her back until the live shows?

If everything goes right she can be big or just be another one in the bunch of pretty girls that can sing but you can’t really make out who it is.

The acts were good last year, really good. Spanish Ruth Lorenzo had an amazing voice and the energy of a bull. Diana Vicars, the blonde fairy with the very distinctive voice and funny hands. Laura White, who unexpectedly got the kick out early in the process even though being the bookies favourite. There were some good boys too, but there’s no doubt JLS were the best amongst them.

So it’ll be interesting what they’ll find this time around. Who gets what category. Who’s put through to the finals. Will the live audience at the auditions will make a difference (they’re hired shrinks to make sure no one ends up at the Priory, taking precautions that is). I heard Dannii’s getting help from sister Kylie… and Louis Walsh, doesn’t he always skip to put through one or two the best acts in his category.

Big Brother

June 27, 2009

It’s summer again and stuff on telly gets really bad. All the good series take a break, so the only thing left apart from your daily soaps, the news is Big Brother. But soon, they should stop doing that too.

There are too many attention seeking, fame obsessed people on it. What happened to the girl next door, the bloke down the pub, your normal average friend? No, all there is now is your ultra blonde glamour model, a gay hair dresser and a multicultural bunch from all corners of the world.

The fourth eviction took place yesterday and it was Russian bride, Angel’s turn to leave the house. She really bored me and gave me a painful feeling of embarassment so I might actually start watching it a bit more. I doubt it though.

Will probably only keep on watching the Friday live show. I like Davina McCall. I like to see her black outfits. A lot more fashionable than Anne Robinson’s on The Weakest Link.

So if there aren’t any major scandals going on inside that house, I won’t be watching it. I never used to watch Celebrity BB until the Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty issue. But isn’t it time they throw in some new housemates? Usually it spices things up in there when another complete stranger shows up.

I’m still hoping Rodrigo wins, only because he’s Brazilian and speaks with that exotic accent.

BGT 2009 Winners – Diversity

June 1, 2009

Why is it a shock? As it said on the headline of one of the tabloids.

Sure, I didn’t expect them to win. I just wanted them to beat Flawless, which they did when the top 3 were anounced. But I wasn’t surprised they won, the were good, very skilled and talented. I didn’t vote because I never do but there were a whole lot of people who did vote that thought the same as me.

Not even the judges belived in them since two predicted Flawless would win and the other one, Stavros Flatley. A bit sad since they should know better. So, I’m just happy the public knew better.

BGT 2009 – The Final

May 30, 2009

I’m pretty sure it’s tonight, the Britain’s Got Talent final on ITV. Have followed the auditions and the semi-finals sporadically.

So who will win – pressured by the press, Susan Boyle. Weeping Hollie. Father and son from Greece. Lily Allen’s favourite Shaheen or one of the dance acts.

I’m hoping for the dancers in Diversity, I didn’t see them in the semi-final but in the audition they were great, funny and original. All the different sizes and backgrounds, it’s just so good to see when people of different ethnicities and ages can get along. Their biggest competition, Flawless, a group of black dudes should really not beat them. Don’t know if anyone else saw but their choreography in the audition was taken from the film Stomp the Yard.

Aidan, the other dancer, so impressive, a self-taught dancer, probably better than the guy who won last year but then apparently you can find hundreds of boys like that on You Tube. But with all these dancing acts, isn’t it showing that it’s time to have a talent show solely for dancers. There’s Strictly Come Dancing for the celebs but where’s the British version of So You Think You Can Dance or Step It Up and Dance?

So, the BGT semi-finals, it seems to me like there were many good acts in one semi-final and not so many good ones in the other. I would have liked to see that little cute girl with the big voice, Natalie Okri in the final, at least she didn’t cry. And other comedy acts like ventriloquist, Gareth Oliver, who could also sing and the hot guys in Faces of Discos with the cut-out cardboard faces of well-known people were hilarious, especially when all the Simon Cowell’s came out. Obviously, the Greek father and son were quite funny. I pledge more comic acts to the BGT final – next year!

Oh, at least that geezer DJ Talent didn’t make it. What is it, gold teeth for £7000? What a …!